Contractions Grammar for 2Nd Graders

Contractions Grammar for 2nd Graders: A Guide to Using Apostrophes

Contractions are shortened versions of two words that are often used in spoken English. Instead of saying „I am going to the store,“ we can say „I`m going to the store.“ Contractions are a great way to make your writing more conversational and less formal. Teaching contractions to second graders is a great way to improve their grammar and writing skills. Here`s a guide to using apostrophes to create contractions.

What is an apostrophe?

An apostrophe is a punctuation mark that is used to show possession or to indicate missing letters in a word. When creating a contraction, the apostrophe is used to replace the letters that have been removed. For example, „I am“ becomes „I`m.“

Using apostrophes to make contractions

To form a contraction, take two words and remove one or more letters. Then, insert an apostrophe where the letters were removed. Here are some examples:

– I am = I`m

– You are = You`re

– It is = It`s

– They are = They`re

– We will = We`ll

– She would = She`d

– He has = He`s

– Do not = Don`t

– Will not = Won`t

– Cannot = Can`t

Contractions can also be formed with other words, such as „let`s“ (let us) and „ain`t“ (am not). However, it`s important to note that not all contractions are considered standard English. Some contractions, like „ain`t,“ are considered informal or even incorrect.

Practice using contractions

To help second graders practice using contractions, give them a list of words that can be contracted and have them practice writing out the contractions. You can also have them practice reading sentences with contractions and identifying which words were combined. Here are some examples:

– I am going to the park. (I`m going to the park.)

– They are playing soccer after school. (They`re playing soccer after school.)

– We will have pizza for dinner tonight. (We`ll have pizza for dinner tonight.)

Teaching contractions to second graders can help improve their writing skills and make their writing more engaging. By understanding how to use apostrophes to form contractions, they`ll be able to create more natural and conversational sentences.

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