Thank you Fraport

genial deathThe following email has been sent to Dr. Stefan Schulte,
Chairman of the Executive Board of Fraport AG:

Dear Fraport
The Airport Managers

I would like to thank Fraport, on behalf of the people living south of the Main, for their contribution in (inadvertently) putting airplane noise onto the nation-wide agenda. We are grateful for their obvious lack of judgement and blatant mistakes in extending the airport using the runway North West, which has consequently led to an increasing number of measures by the authorities, implemented to limit the negative health effects of airplane noise on the citizens living south of the Main.

Without their invaluable input, awareness of this life-threatening environmental pollution would not have increased as rapidly as it has done, and the departure of such politicians as Roland Koch, Petra Roth, Boris Rhein and Dieter Posch, may have required even longer.

Fraport now needs to make the final push and attempt to build a new Terminal without the justification of any significant growth, using the state-backed credit available and against the overwhelming majority of the population, not to mention members of Hessian government’s coalition.

I predict that the complete management of this fine and ethical company will be replaced by other skilful board members, less challenged by the sensitivities of modern business communication; managers who are able to display the kind of competence required to compete in this hard-fought, modern day world of aviation. Once again Fraport, well done, and keep up the good work.

Yours gratefully
Steve Collins

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